Why Keep Your Content Fresh

The content on your website is the single most important factor that stands between success and failure. A person visiting your website wants clear, concise information on the subject they wish to ready about, and so too does a search engine. Search engines try to be intelligent and work like a real visitor to your site, so you should always try to write your content for your visitors, not search engines – of course, the odd keyword drop here and there is fine, as long as it doesn’t take away from the quality of your article, or indeed make the article read like spam.

Google loves fresh content – the old saying “Content Is King” has always been true in the world of SEO Companies and rankings, and that isn’t about to change any time soon.

The more fresh content you put on your website (fresh, authorative and accurate content) the more often Google will re-crawl your site, index your new pages, and consider re-ranking your website.

Being re-crawled is only one way fresh content can improve your rankings. A good quality, well written article is likely to be shared, commented on, and more importantly for ranking purposes, linked to by other people.

The more relevant, quality inbound links your have, the better chance it has of climbing the rankings.

Adding content to your website should never be done as a “just because” exercise, you should only add content which adds something to your website, be it a guide, an article, or even an image which is relevant to your sector. Also remember, the more content and large authorative articles you have on your website, the more you can implement keywords – a high keyword ratio is bad, but if you have plenty of content then your ratio should remain low.

The more content you publish on any given subject increases your chance to be seen as an authority on the subject, gaining authority gains trust, and gaining trust can gain rankings, so write those excellent high quality information packed articles and aim to be the main authority for your subject.

Keeping content fresh, as you can see, is great for search engines, but it also engages your visitors and keeps them coming back – we all have websites to gain visitors, but return visitors are valuable too, so don’t turn your back on those who have visited in the past, refresh your content and keep them coming back.

What are your favourite subjects to write about? Do you have any tips or tricks to keep your content fresh? Let us know in the comments below.