Re-purposing old domain names

Virtually every day of the week sees hundreds, if not thousands of domains expire and are returned to the list of domains available for registration or placed into a domain name auction.
You could be wondering why an expired domain name would be of any interest to you – simply, expired domains have history – they have links built to them, they have been shared around, and are likely to get at least some web traffic if you re-register them and put them online. Using an expired domain rather than a brand new domain for your new business can sometimes mean you’ll cut out a lot of work trying to publicise the domain and get people to share it, and your new website could start receiving natural organic traffic from day one.

So what is an expired domain exactly? Well as the name suggests, it is a domain name which used to be registered, but isn’t any more. The reason for this could be down to the old owner giving up and not working on the site any more so letting the domain lapse, or it could simply be that they have forgotten, either way, it is now available for anyone to register.

So why would you want an expired domain rather than a brand new domain that nobody has used before?

– The previous owner of the domain name may have had SEO work done on the domain, this would generally mean that the domain name would have many other websites linking directly to it, Google and other search engines see this as something to take notice of, and may help you gain ranks easier.

– The domain name may still have advertising in place – it is quite possible that the previous owner paid for advertising, now, if it was only monthly advertising then it has likely expired, but if they paid for a year or more up front then there may still be some adverts pointing to that domain name, these adverts will still send traffic to your website, even if they aren’t relevant to what your website is for.

So, if an expired domain name is so useful why isn’t it still registered?

Well – chances are, if you wait too long, it will be!

You won’t be the only person who has noticed that the domain name has expired, there are many people who browse expired domain name websites every day and buy a large amount of domains for the purpose of either selling them on, or building them into profitable websites (usually to sell on in the end too!). These guys do this day in and day out and know a profitable domain name when they see one, so if you think you’d like to develop or use a domain name you’ve seen in an expired list, grab it before it’s too late – you’d be surprised just how quick the specialists can be!

Whatever your reasons, if the domain name appeals to you or has a use for your company or even if you are thinking about starting a new website on it, an expired domain name can be an excellent investment for anyone.