Panda 4.2 Still Not Fully Released

Gary Illyes of Google has stated that the 4.2 revision of Panda, one of Google’s search ranking algorithms which was initially launched back in July, is still in the process of being
rolled out, this isn’t shocking news, as Google have always said it would be an ongoing thing, taking several months at least.

So it’s still rolling out, but what exactly is the Panda update, and how are these changes likely to affect us?

Firstly, unlike previous Panda updates which were rolled out in a matter of hours, or days at most, the latest update is going to be an ongoing, rolling update which means the changes may
never truely be complete – it will be a never ending learning cycle.

The latest Google Panda update will have different effects on a page by page basis, rather than a site-wide change to search rankings. This means some pages on your website may jump up in
rankings whilst others may lose positions, whether or not pages will do a dance and then settle, or jump straight to their new positions is yet to be seen.

As with all changes to Googles search algorithms, this is one to watch, those of you who suffered penalties in the past from previous Panda updates have had time to make changes and redeem
yourself, so 4.2 may work in your favour, likewise, people who have been unaffected by past updates may be shocked this time around.

Have you seen the current changes have a good or bad effect on your website’s rankings? Will this change your current search engine optimisation methods? Let us know in the comments so we can compare notes!