Marketing & The Internet – Why, and How?

As a company in today’s technical age, whether your business model involves internet based sales, or not, online marketing continues to be a resource that should not be ignored.

Advertising your company online provides you with access to some of the largest pools of potential customers which would otherwise be missed out on, even if you don’t intend to sell your product or service online, digital marketing can drive new custom to your office or store, or provide you new telephone or email based leads.

Online marketing a business that is big – VERY big, with firms like Calgary Internet Marketing around today, taking the first step into the digital world can be handed off to them and you can reap the rewards..

What is really involved in internet based marketing – what exactly do I need?

An online presence

Firstly you are going to need an internet presence, it can be a website, a social media profile, but it has to be online, then the marketing can begin.

We’d recommend that you’re as active as possible – if you’ve got a site, keep things fresh with your latest deals or products, if you’ve got a Facebook or Twitter profile, try to keep your followers/page members engaged and interested. If you let things slide, then peoples interest in your products and services will lessen, they’ll slowly forget about you – a fresh post here and there will keep you on their radar.

Whilst having a site online is the first step, and much better than having no website, a poor website will not provide much of a benefit – Search engines have many many ranking factors, and one of them is the usability, and quality of content on a website – having badly written content or a hard to use website will result in your ranking potential being lessened greatly, you’ll find it hard to get a decent rank, let alone the top spot on Google. Ensure your content is well written, on-topic and easy to ready, and you can then move onto other methods to improve your rankings.

The greatest method is through SEO – the main aim is to entice the search engines and get them see your website more useful than the next. You can find many variables included in Search Engine Optimization, the most straightforward and least expensive approach, is as previously mentioned – write clear, useful, easy to read content, keep the content fresh and up-to-date, and ensure your website works on all devices (Mobiles, Tablets, PCs and Laptops).

Keeping your website updated with content is an excellent way to show that you are actively maintaining your website, and in turn, show the search engines that you care and are working on improving your site – If you construct a website with very little content, and don’t do any form of updates, it looks like you have no interest in your site, so why would anyone want to visit? You are very unlikely to rank with a website that has a small amount of content and no updates, no matter what else you do.

Trying out SEO is fine, but be sure about what you’re doing – without the right knowledge website being deindexed (removed) from Google – if you are not 100% sure on what you’re doing, or the potential ramifications, then leave it to the professionals.

Paid Advertisements

Advertising campaigns can work wonders for websites, whether it’s an old website which has been running for some time, or a brand new website you’ve released today, you can start driving traffic straight away through paid ads.

There are multiple types of paid advertising, the most popular today are Pay Per Lead, Cost Per 1k impressions and Cost Per Click


This promotion format involves you paying for each click your advert gets- you will pay a fee for each of the clicks, usually from a pre-loaded amount of credit. The price of each click depends on how competetive the target keywords are.


The CPM marketing format allows you to pay a set fee for a set number of “impressions” an ad impression is defined as the advert being shown to a user on a website, CPM is generally per 1000 impressions, so you can purchase 10000 ad impressions which will show your advert 10 thousand times to users, the downside to this format is, you are not guaranteed any traffic whatsoever.

It is vital that you understand exactly what you’re paying for with CPM marketing, and be sure it satisfies your needs, or you may be spending for nothing.


Cost per lead – this is the marketing method most likely to convert to a sale, however it is also the most expensive format. Cost per lead marketing entails you purchasing leads from a lead supplier, they will give you the details of a potential customer who is actively looking to purchase the product or service you sell, all you need to do is convince them that your product/service is the right one for them.

So there you’ve got it, don’t miss out on a massive potential revenue stream, get into the online marketing game today!