How To Withdraw The Bonus Balance From Your Bet365 Account

New customers who join Bet365 will receive up to £200 in new customer bonus funds when they deposit, place some bets and enter their unique offer code. The process seems quite complex for beginners, whereas in actual reality it is fairly straight forward.

How Does Bet365 Work


Bet365 ensures that players follow these requirements before giving them their bonus funds:

  1. Make an account and login to it.
  2. Deposit using one of their many payment processors.
  3. Enter the unique offer code which is emailed to them within 7 days of making a deposit.
  4. Notice that the bonus funds have been added to the account balance but cannot yet be touched.
  5. Place bets that amount to their highest deposit amount at odds of 1.5 and over.
  6. Watch as their bonus funds become unlocked and can be used to place bets with.

Once these steps have been taken, the customer must complete the bonus turnover or rollover requirements. This bonus rollover is relatively straightforward, but take a look at this very useful calculator at CompareTheBets where the excellent feature allows you to enter your bet365 bonus amount and generate a set of personalised instructions. It informs you of the exact steps required to withdraw the bonus balance from your account, along with a vast amount of other useful guides on how to use bet365.

The Bonus Explained


Bet365 add these bonus rollover requirements to new customer accounts to prevent them from depositing and withdrawing the funds straight away. Whilst the number of bets needed to be placed before the bonus can be withdrawn may seem a lot, they are there to protect bet365 from bonus abuse. This is where a group of people, usually in an online community, finds promotional offers online and register to take advantage of them. For a bookmaker, these customers that join and run with the money are not profitable, so as a result the bonus rollover is added to prevent it from happening. Customers must place bets at odds above 1.5 and refrain from cashing them out for them to count towards the rollover. This again prevents people just betting on big favourites or cashing out as soon as the bet has been placed.


What Are The Cash Out Rules For Unsettled Bets?


Unsettled bets can be cashed out at any time, providing the selections on the bet slip are eligible for the cash out feature. Certain betting markets cannot be accurately monitored whilst a game is in-play, and as a result are not within the allowed cash out markets. These usually include Asian Handicaps or goal scorer bets.


When Using The App, Can You Place An Accumulator Bet With The Bonus?


The bonus funds can be used to place any bets that a customer desires. To count towards the rollover requirements, the customer must ensure the odds add up to over 1.5. The bonus funds are ready and available within the app and mobile site, so customers are free to spend them on accumulator bets. Once the turnover is complete, customers can withdraw their winnings to whichever payment processor was used to deposit them.