Digital Marketing to promote your business?

Digital Marketing is certainly important in this day and age, but how exactly can it help a business.

Digital Marketing can help any business, and the importance of marketing online as a whole is becoming more and more prevelant.

We’ve been taking a look at how local businesses use digital marketing to promote their products and website, and in the process, we stumbled across DroidStar Electronics.

First up in our investigations was to look at their website over at – the site itself had all of the ingredients of a good online store, with call to actions, and clear concise information available straight from the homepage.

We then browsed through the website and felt that the order process was very simple, we could go from initial visit to checking out in no more than a few clicks. Great, we thought, they have a nice looking, user friendly website. But that’s not what interested us, everything we could see suggested that DroidStar have established themselves as the number one place to buy an Android TV box in Ireland, so it was time to dig deeper – anyone can put a website online, but a website alone does not make a successful business.

Back to browsing we went and what we found was some very active social media accounts under the DroidStar and indeed their Android TV Box brand “Starbox”. We know that social media accounts are a fantastic way to interact with current and prospective clients, and it looks like DroidStar has got this one right.

Googling the company name brings up the information of their website, aswell as their shop address and opening times, so customers can find out all of the information they need straight away – remember, the less action a client has to take to find your product, and purchase it, the better – so this is certainly a great step from the guys who handle the marketing side of things.

So let’s recap on what we observed – an easy to use, modern website with no barriers getting in the way of purchase. An excellent social media presence, allowing interaction with customers, old and new. Great local information to ensure customers can find the bricks and mortar store – many people do their research online before going out to purchase in-store, so Droidstar have all events covered.

We also observed some excellent search engine optimisation, but that is beyond the scope of this article.

Have you observed a particularly well marketed online business or website? Leave us a comment and we’ll take a look, we may even feature it in a future article!