Choosing the Right CCTV System for your Home

Burglary rates have been steadily increasing in the Republic of Ireland, rising by almost 20% since 2007. Somewhat surprisingly, these crimes are not just confined to urban areas of the country like Dublin City, but we are now seeing more rural areas experiencing an increased risk of trespass and burglary. In rural areas, criminals may deem isolated properties as ‘easy targets’, and the absence of an effective security solution may encourage them to take action.


The CSO recently released figures that show a rising trend in rural crime, with a widely-accepted assumption that urban-based criminal gangs are travelling outside the cities to conduct their crimes. Eoin Dunne, Managing Director at PhoneWatch, has called these trends ‘truly alarming’ and that the company is ‘urging all householders to remain vigilant, especially in the run up to Christmas, which is peak season for opportunist burglars.’


To safeguard your family home against unwanted intruders, both in urban and rural areas, a sophisticated and effective CCTV System should be installed. CCTV systems work by providing continuous visual monitoring of your property and identifying the would-be intruders. However, the downside with CCTV is that by the time the surveillance footage is viewed by the authorities, the burglars may already be far from the scene of the crime. So what is the most effective solution to solve this problem?


The answer is a CCTV system that is monitored 24/7 by trained security professionals, like that offered by PhoneWatch. The system employs sophisticated cameras that are activated by heat and movement sensors – once activated, live images are sent directly to a monitoring team who can decide whether to immediately contact the emergency services.


Such a system can prove to be more effective than the average CCTV system, because it is only activated when an actual intrusion is taking place.


It is usual for a CCTV system such as the one described above will be part of a full security solution package, incorporating a range of other security features. Carbon monoxide detectors, designed to eliminate a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, and smoke alarms, which alert the homeowner and emergency services as soon as a threat is detected, are common complementary features of a dependable CCTV system.


Studies have shown that burglars are very much deterred by the visual presence of an alarm on the exterior of a building. So even by having one of these systems visible on your property, you are likely to greatly decrease the chances of your home being targeted.