Car Fault? Have a warranty?

When you purchase a new car from your local car dealer, you know for sure you’re going to have a car warranty supplied as standard, this means that if anything goes wrong with the car in the first few years of ownership, it will be repaired – failed parts will be replaced like for like with manufacturer approved parts, meaning you’re put in the exact same position you were before the fault occured. But did you know, you can also get a warranty for a used car, and if you did, did you also know that used car warranties are often nowhere near as extensive as those which are provided with a new car?

New car warranties often cover the majority of parts on a vehicle, whereas a used car warranty will not – and whilst it often covers most of the expensive components which may fail, they often do not cover things such as clutches and flywheels, which can be a large expense if they fail. Used car warranties also allow for the use of pattern parts (cheaper parts made by a third party company, rather than manufacturer created and approved parts). Making sure you know what is covered and what is not before you purchase is a good idea, so that you are not left high and dry in the event of an issue.

Whilst a lot of exclusions can be part of the deal with a used car warranty, we are of the opinion that a warranty that covers some parts of your car is likely to be better than having no warranty at all. As your car gets older, it is more likely something will break, and if that is covered fully, or even in part by warranty, then you’re not going to be landed with a huge bill that you can’t afford, or would need to borrow to pay. Being without your car can cause serious issues if you need to commute to work, or have to travel for other reasons, so looking after your mode of transport is well worth the investment.

Our main tip when purchasing a used car warranty is to carefully read the full document, small print and all – too many people will blindly sign their life away due to trusting the company they are dealing with, and whilst not all companies are out to get you, there are some out there who would take your soul in payment if possible. If you’ve familiarised yourself with the document then you’ll be aware of what is and what is not covered, so you can have cash on hand if something fails which isn’t covered by your warranty, and will know that the fix will be free if it is.

The used car market is a real minefield in terms of quality, or lack thereof, but a warranty can help you out if the worst should happen.