10 Reasons Why Optimizing Your Local Search is Important

When you enter the ‘world wide web’ you are putting your business out there for anyone to buy from. A company in Switzerland could be selling a customized item and someone in Canada can buy it. That is the beauty of the World Wide Web; But what about when you are a local company who needs to get foot traffic into your store front. Below are a few reasons you should hire an SEO company like Dominate with SEO.

1) Local is Where You Are
If you are a repair company of some sort you will not be getting much work from someone in Switzerland. You need to catch the eye of the guy that lives right in your neighborhood. Sure, he sees your sign in front of your business, maybe even has seen some other form of advertising you have out there; but he is not going to call you or come in till he searches you out on the web.

2) If You Are Not Listed On the First Page….
If this potential customer doesn’t see you on that first page of his search, he is not going to keep looking for you because the brains of today have been trained to think, “if they are not in the top 5 they are not the best”. This is the furthest from the truth!

3)Even When it is Local, Rank Matters

You might be one of three companies in your area that provide the service you do. When you pull up a search for your specific town you still might not be in the top three. How can this be? Your competitors have SEO’s who are getting them ranked. They are getting all the business. Where are you?

4)You Can Have it ALL!!

With a smart SEO company, you will be getting all the business you can possibly handle. Your SEO will be working behind the web scenes to get as much traffic on to your site as possible.

5)Local Traffic.

The site designing and key word placement that your SEO will do for you will have immense amounts of people viewing your page, calling you, and in your door way ready to give you their business.

6) Target Area
With a good SEO company, you will be given a website and all the behind the scenes work targeted at the area your business operates in. You may want to focus just where you are now and later make expansions on your servicing area. With a company like Dominate with SEO you will have personalized material formed around you and the target area. When that area or your business grows or shifts your SEO will be right there to keep your web information current.

7)Always Current.

Your web content will be up to date at all times. With SEO services you are paying a monthly fee to keep the traffic coming in, and to keep your website current representing where you are as a business. If something changes, just inform you SEO and so does your web content.

8) Monthly Reports.

Wouldn’t you like to know how many people viewed your site, called from your site, or hired you because of your site? With a SEO company you will receive reports of the information we can track pertaining to your business. You can actually watch your numbers climb month to month. Your local business will grow when you hire a SEO company.

9) Area research

SEO companies do research on where your business is, demographics, and need of your service in that area. A talented SEO will build your site up where it fits right in with the area but stands out at the same time grabbing the attention of potential clients and pulling them away from your competitors.

10)SEO’s are local too

Every company out there has a home base. The work that SEO’s do just reaches further then a local service company. Dominate with SEO wants to watch a local business reach its goals and highest potential possible. If you are a business who needs to boost your local search results, contact Dominate with SEO today.