What a Digital Marketing Company Can Do For Your Business

If you are running a business then you will be well aware that you need to be investing some money on marketing and today we are going to tell you exactly why the marketing that you invest in should be of the digital variety.

The World we live in operates online, it is where we meet, find friends and of course, do business and if you are not a part of this then you are going to set yourself up for a fail. Whether you have a business which operates on the internet or not, you can benefit greatly from enlisting the support of a digital media company to grow your online presence. Let’s take a look at what a digital marketing strategy will do for you.

Grow The Brand

Brand power has never been more important than it is right now, with more businesses being set up every year than ever before, it is your brand that will help you to stay ahead of the competition. Think about it, Budweiser don’t make the finest lager in the World, Coca Cola might not make the tastiest coke in the World, but such is the incredible power of their brand, that is exactly how they are seen.

Make Money

The ultimate reason why we invest in marketing is to make more money. A digital media company will do this for you through several different mediums. Digital marketing companies will optimize search engines so it is easier for people to find you, they will set up email marketing campaigns to drive sales and they will run Facebook ad campaigns and pick up some cheap Instagram likes so that your business looks more impressive on social platforms. All of these tools will grow your business and introduce new clients, all of which will make you more money.

Earn Trust

Customer loyalty is scarce these days and clients want to know that they can trust in your business. One surefire way to gain the trust of your current and prospective customers is with an online presence which is exactly what a digital media company will create for you.

Match The Competition

You can pretty much bet that your competition has an online strategy and investing in one will enable you to say in line or get ahead of the competition. You’d probably be surprised but there are some huge companies and corporations out there who still haven’t unlocked the online market and if you take the plunge and put yourself out there online, then you could steal some sales from the big boys.

Digital Marketing should be considered as an investment, not a cost because the ROI of this type of marketing is so high. If you want your business to be relevant, drive more sales and ultimately, make more money, then you need to use the services of a digital marketing company.


Choosing the Right CCTV System for your Home

Burglary rates have been steadily increasing in the Republic of Ireland, rising by almost 20% since 2007. Somewhat surprisingly, these crimes are not just confined to urban areas of the country like Dublin City, but we are now seeing more rural areas experiencing an increased risk of trespass and burglary. In rural areas, criminals may deem isolated properties as ‘easy targets’, and the absence of an effective security solution may encourage them to take action.


The CSO recently released figures that show a rising trend in rural crime, with a widely-accepted assumption that urban-based criminal gangs are travelling outside the cities to conduct their crimes. Eoin Dunne, Managing Director at PhoneWatch, has called these trends ‘truly alarming’ and that the company is ‘urging all householders to remain vigilant, especially in the run up to Christmas, which is peak season for opportunist burglars.’


To safeguard your family home against unwanted intruders, both in urban and rural areas, a sophisticated and effective CCTV System should be installed. CCTV systems work by providing continuous visual monitoring of your property and identifying the would-be intruders. However, the downside with CCTV is that by the time the surveillance footage is viewed by the authorities, the burglars may already be far from the scene of the crime. So what is the most effective solution to solve this problem?


The answer is a CCTV system that is monitored 24/7 by trained security professionals, like that offered by PhoneWatch. The system employs sophisticated cameras that are activated by heat and movement sensors – once activated, live images are sent directly to a monitoring team who can decide whether to immediately contact the emergency services.


Such a system can prove to be more effective than the average CCTV system, because it is only activated when an actual intrusion is taking place.


It is usual for a CCTV system such as the one described above will be part of a full security solution package, incorporating a range of other security features. Carbon monoxide detectors, designed to eliminate a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, and smoke alarms, which alert the homeowner and emergency services as soon as a threat is detected, are common complementary features of a dependable CCTV system.


Studies have shown that burglars are very much deterred by the visual presence of an alarm on the exterior of a building. So even by having one of these systems visible on your property, you are likely to greatly decrease the chances of your home being targeted.

How To Withdraw The Bonus Balance From Your Bet365 Account

New customers who join Bet365 will receive up to £200 in new customer bonus funds when they deposit, place some bets and enter their unique offer code. The process seems quite complex for beginners, whereas in actual reality it is fairly straight forward.

How Does Bet365 Work


Bet365 ensures that players follow these requirements before giving them their bonus funds:

  1. Make an account and login to it.
  2. Deposit using one of their many payment processors.
  3. Enter the unique offer code which is emailed to them within 7 days of making a deposit.
  4. Notice that the bonus funds have been added to the account balance but cannot yet be touched.
  5. Place bets that amount to their highest deposit amount at odds of 1.5 and over.
  6. Watch as their bonus funds become unlocked and can be used to place bets with.

Once these steps have been taken, the customer must complete the bonus turnover or rollover requirements. This bonus rollover is relatively straightforward, but take a look at this very useful calculator at CompareTheBets where the excellent feature allows you to enter your bet365 bonus amount and generate a set of personalised instructions. It informs you of the exact steps required to withdraw the bonus balance from your account, along with a vast amount of other useful guides on how to use bet365.

The Bonus Explained


Bet365 add these bonus rollover requirements to new customer accounts to prevent them from depositing and withdrawing the funds straight away. Whilst the number of bets needed to be placed before the bonus can be withdrawn may seem a lot, they are there to protect bet365 from bonus abuse. This is where a group of people, usually in an online community, finds promotional offers online and register to take advantage of them. For a bookmaker, these customers that join and run with the money are not profitable, so as a result the bonus rollover is added to prevent it from happening. Customers must place bets at odds above 1.5 and refrain from cashing them out for them to count towards the rollover. This again prevents people just betting on big favourites or cashing out as soon as the bet has been placed.


What Are The Cash Out Rules For Unsettled Bets?


Unsettled bets can be cashed out at any time, providing the selections on the bet slip are eligible for the cash out feature. Certain betting markets cannot be accurately monitored whilst a game is in-play, and as a result are not within the allowed cash out markets. These usually include Asian Handicaps or goal scorer bets.


When Using The App, Can You Place An Accumulator Bet With The Bonus?


The bonus funds can be used to place any bets that a customer desires. To count towards the rollover requirements, the customer must ensure the odds add up to over 1.5. The bonus funds are ready and available within the app and mobile site, so customers are free to spend them on accumulator bets. Once the turnover is complete, customers can withdraw their winnings to whichever payment processor was used to deposit them.

Finding the Right Emergency Physio In London

Since injuries don’t appear on a clinic’s convenient schedule so your physiotherapist should definitely be available on an emergency basis. In a city as big as London, it shouldn’t be a problem to find a physiotherapist who will be there when you need them the most. If the injury was to set in before getting the treatment, then expenses spent on the injury will be greater than dealing with the issue immediately. It is worth the time to ask your sports doctor if they offer emergency services.

Aside from emergency services which may operate on the weekends, holidays, and after normal business hours, physiotherapists in London should also be able to offer you service directly to your home. This means that a nurse, doctor, or other professionals will come straight to you and help you manage your injury or pain. This is an especially important service for people who play heavy sports with risk of great injury. As always, it is better to find a place that will help with this before the injury strikes rather than waiting until the emergency occurs. A good example could be seen at the FORM CLINIC a specialist physiotherapist clinic, which offers weekend appointments and even home visits.

Emergency services are not only important for sudden injuries but sometimes sufferers of chronic pain will have an especially strong episode that can only be dealt with by an experienced chiropractor or doctor in that area. Back pain, neck pain, and other types of chronic ailments can flare up in intensity at any time. It is best if your normal private physiotherapist can offer you these services because of the greater experience and knowledge in dealing with your ailments. That is why it is important to get comfortable with someone who is already committed to their patients and is willing to offer emergency or home visits personally. Of course, this will not always be possible, but your clinic should be able to offer you some respite from your physical pain or injuries in case you need it on short notice.

Make sure you find someone who won’t take too long to address your issues and someone who doesn’t make wild claims about being able to help you. Honesty is a particularly important trait in an emergency physiotherapist due to possible exploitation in those without ethics who would charge you more for less work and could try to convince you to get excessive treatments to extort extra profit. Whether it’s a sport’s doctor, osteopath or a masseuse, care should be taken to ensure the person in charge of your sports injury health is competent and reliable.

Reviews Of The Most Reliable Steam Cleaners

Whenever you want to purchase a steam cleaner you must take into consideration several factors. Choosing the best possible steam cleaner that is most suited to your needs and wants is the smart way to go. Paying attention to your budget is also important whenever you want to buy a steam cleaner.

There are many types, brands and models of steam cleaners that are available in the market. The best quality steam cleaners can be bought online as well as offline. Almost all the popular e-commerce websites have steam cleaners available for purchase. The advantage that you have when you try to buy the best steam cleaners on an online platform is that you get a lot of variety. This variety is very important. There are various reasons for variety being important. It allows you the luxury of choosing the best steam cleaner that is compatible with all your needs.

Steam cleaners are extremely useful devices. They are very easy to use. In fact, ease of use is an extremely important factor for the popularity of steam cleaners. Depending upon your needs you can choose a steam cleaner. Analysis of your needs and wants is extremely important. Equally important is your knowledge and information about the various types of steam cleaners that are available.

The advantage of buying steam cleaners offline is that you can actually use the steam cleaner before buying it. This allows you to understand the functionality better. Steam cleaners can be a lot more expensive than normal steam mops. So before you proceed to buy a steam cleaner you must assess your wants. If your wants and needs can be fulfilled by a normal steam mop then buying a steam cleaner is a waste of money.

Staying smart, aware and informed is always the key to making any purchase. Make sure that you are aware and informed that will naturally make you smart. In order to be aware and informed, online articles can be very useful and beneficial. There are many websites whose content is reliable and informative. You can also find many reviews for steam cleaners. People who have used a particular brand or model of steam cleaners often leave comments in the product review section of e-commerce websites. Reading steam cleaner reviews can be useful.

You must also keep in mind the fact that the reviews on the manufacturing company’s website can be misleading. It is highly probable that those reviews are not neutral. Many of them can be publicity stunts adopted by the manufacturing company. The reasons behind such positive reviews on the manufacturer company’s website are obvious. In this world of cut-throat competition, everybody wants their product to sell well. Hence adopting unfair tactics is quite common. Do not let these strategies affect you.

Please do not fall prey to these unfair and biased reviews. Make sure that the reviews that you read are from neutral users. These reviews will be closer to the truth. That will allow you to make better and proper decisions in this regard.

Using Digital Marketing To Improve The Business Of A Casino

We live in the digital age. No matter what industry we analyze, digital marketing is paramount for success. This does include the casino industry. The main advantage of using digital marketing to promote the work of the casino is that it is really cost-efficient. It is effective in communicating with potential and current gamblers and branding is always stronger when it has an online component.

As you can easily imagine, there are so many things that can be said about digital marketing in order to increase casino business. However, some things are more important than others. This is what we will focus on.

Building The Website

The casino’s website is basically the most important part of any digital marketing strategy that you develop. It has to look perfect and offer very useful information for the players. Think about the data that is necessary for people to make decisions and try to offer as much extra as possible. This includes information about events, guides, data about casino games, jackpots, tourist attractions close to the casino and more. The more information you have on the website, the higher the possibility you will be able to draw in some interested players.

Search Engine Optimization

If you have a website, you need to invest money in professional search engine optimization. This is because you can have a perfect website and end up with lack of traffic as the site does not appear high in search engine rankings.
Make sure that you only focus on hiring professionals. This is because the competition in the online gambling industry is huge. It is not at all easy to climb in rankings. You will need to invest money in order to climb and the best companies use advanced content marketing strategies that are really good for ranking purposes.

Social Media Marketing

It is interesting to notice that many casinos do not even think about using social media marketing strategies. This is definitely something that has to be taken into account because most people today use social media websites. You want to advertise and promote services exactly where your target audience is. There is a huge possibility that you can find many new players with the use of social media marketing strategies.

You do want to build a blog in order to strengthen your social media marketing and search engine optimization campaigns. Also, it is a certainty that you want to have exposure on Facebook and Twitter. If you do not use social media marketing you miss out on various opportunities that are really interesting and that you do want to use. The competition surely uses social media marketing so you want to be able to reach the audience through the same channels.

Mobile Apps

Almost all major casinos now offer apps that the players can use. Also, running an online gambling application is highly advantageous for future profit increases. Make sure that you work with a good mobile developer since you want to guarantee user safety. This is basically the most important part of using apps as a part of your digital marketing strategy.

A growing technology – The Dashcam

By now, most of you will be at least aware of dashcams, they are taking the UK by storm, and with good reason – they are safeguarding no claims bonuses on car insurance policies, as well as protecting drivers from prosecution when they have done nothing wrong.

The UK roads are some of the busiest in the world, and that means that we see no shortage of car accidents – fitting a dashcam can not only reduce your insurance premiums, but also act as concrete evidence of exactly what happened in the event of an accident, potentially saving your no-claims bonus, if there is any dispute as to who is at fault, your video footage could be the difference between being wrongly blamed, or not.

So, why should you fit a dashcam?

Insurance fraud is big “business” – with an estimated 30,000+ “crash for cash” scams every year, there’s never been a more important time to protect yourself against this type of scam. Crash for cash involves another drive intentionally engineering an accident which looks like it was caused by you – from slamming on their brakes to make you hit their rear end, to pulling out at the last minute causing you to swerve and hit another car, and then making off, there’s no arguing that this isn’t a real risk, not only in terms of financial loss, but even the loss of your life!

Great – the benefits are clear, how do dashcams work?

The best dashcam models will not only record crystal clear audio and video, they also record your position via GPS, and save video clips in the event of a collision or other “event”

The camera itself will record video onto a memory card which you can remove and connect up to your laptop or PC to review your videos, or, you can connect directly to the camera itself to download clips.

These clips can help your insurance company, or even local police to establish where blame lies in the event of an accident, hopefully absolving you of any blame.

What else do you need to know?

Dash cams can range in price anywhere from around £30 to £300 – with the very best dash cams being at the top end of that range.

Most dash cams will plug directly into your 12v socket in your car (conventionally known as the cigrarette lighter, but more commonly these days used for charging mobile devices) but others can be hard wired directly into your cars ignition system.

Whilst the name ‘dashcam’ suggests that the camera will be on your dashboard, the majority of them will actually be mounted on your windscreen, but “windowcam” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, does it?

Some insurance providers will provide a discount for customers who have a dashcam installed in their car, this can often mean that the dashcam essentially pays for itself, so what are you waiting for? Get in on one of the fastest growing technologies in the motoring world today!

10 Reasons Why Optimizing Your Local Search is Important

When you enter the ‘world wide web’ you are putting your business out there for anyone to buy from. A company in Switzerland could be selling a customized item and someone in Canada can buy it. That is the beauty of the World Wide Web; But what about when you are a local company who needs to get foot traffic into your store front. Below are a few reasons you should hire an SEO company like Dominate with SEO.

1) Local is Where You Are
If you are a repair company of some sort you will not be getting much work from someone in Switzerland. You need to catch the eye of the guy that lives right in your neighborhood. Sure, he sees your sign in front of your business, maybe even has seen some other form of advertising you have out there; but he is not going to call you or come in till he searches you out on the web.

2) If You Are Not Listed On the First Page….
If this potential customer doesn’t see you on that first page of his search, he is not going to keep looking for you because the brains of today have been trained to think, “if they are not in the top 5 they are not the best”. This is the furthest from the truth!

3)Even When it is Local, Rank Matters

You might be one of three companies in your area that provide the service you do. When you pull up a search for your specific town you still might not be in the top three. How can this be? Your competitors have SEO’s who are getting them ranked. They are getting all the business. Where are you?

4)You Can Have it ALL!!

With a smart SEO company, you will be getting all the business you can possibly handle. Your SEO will be working behind the web scenes to get as much traffic on to your site as possible.

5)Local Traffic.

The site designing and key word placement that your SEO will do for you will have immense amounts of people viewing your page, calling you, and in your door way ready to give you their business.

6) Target Area
With a good SEO company, you will be given a website and all the behind the scenes work targeted at the area your business operates in. You may want to focus just where you are now and later make expansions on your servicing area. With a company like Dominate with SEO you will have personalized material formed around you and the target area. When that area or your business grows or shifts your SEO will be right there to keep your web information current.

7)Always Current.

Your web content will be up to date at all times. With SEO services you are paying a monthly fee to keep the traffic coming in, and to keep your website current representing where you are as a business. If something changes, just inform you SEO and so does your web content.

8) Monthly Reports.

Wouldn’t you like to know how many people viewed your site, called from your site, or hired you because of your site? With a SEO company you will receive reports of the information we can track pertaining to your business. You can actually watch your numbers climb month to month. Your local business will grow when you hire a SEO company.

9) Area research

SEO companies do research on where your business is, demographics, and need of your service in that area. A talented SEO will build your site up where it fits right in with the area but stands out at the same time grabbing the attention of potential clients and pulling them away from your competitors.

10)SEO’s are local too

Every company out there has a home base. The work that SEO’s do just reaches further then a local service company. Dominate with SEO wants to watch a local business reach its goals and highest potential possible. If you are a business who needs to boost your local search results, contact Dominate with SEO today.

Buying Guide For Water Softener

The flow of water is further affected by hard water as the minerals build up in the pipe, dishwasher, shower heads, therefore, reduces the lathering ability of soaps and shampoos. Any water that contains 1 GPG and above hard minerals are said to be hard water though it can be used for gardening and drinking purposes to some extent. These are the primary reasons to buy water softener and here are some useful tips for you to purchase the water softener. The first thing that you must consider while buying water softener is some family member in the household, as you will have to determine the size of water softener based on the scale of the home. Next, you require to consider about the efficiency of a water softener is reducing the level of hardness of the water.

Individual test that is done in the lab will help you to check water hardness level, and there is also a device for it. Next thing that you must consider is the minimum capacity that the softener is required for reducing the hardness and also some days that the softener is not mandatory. The next thing that you must consider is about if the softener to be used is for removing iron, this is because; all softeners do not have the tendency to remove metal In order to determine the valve capacity that is on water softener, you need to consider the supply line size while you buy the water softener. Since the water softener will regenerate only if required, you must take into account about the demand-initiated regeneration unit that is present in the water softener.

The leading and favorite brand of a water softener is the Fleck water softener. This water softener will help you to save more money when compared to the other brands The Aqua-sensor system present in the Fleck water softener works electronically, and it helps to monitor the water hardness level, and also it activates regeneration system automatically when required. This water softener is more environmentally friendly, and it also helps in reducing the water wastage and save more money.

Know about the advantages of water softeners

You will see that water softener systems can help you to achieve good quality water. Such systems have various advantages which are mentioned below.

1. This system works with the help of the electrolyte process which can help you to remove all the hardness ions.

2. Iron, calcium, and other harmful impurities can be eliminated with the course of softening.

3. Water softening techniques can improve hard water which is very detrimental to your taps, plumbing system, and other water appliances.

If you are residing in a region where you obtain only hard water and If you feel that your household is in need of a water softener, you can usually get a testing kit from companies that sell the water softening system. The hardness of your water is measured in grains per gallon or milligrams per liter, depending on the system of measurement you use. The higher the numbers, the greater the need for a water softener in your home then it is very essential for you to install a water softener system at your home. Above stated are some important things that can help you to purchase a good water softener system.

SEO is dead? Think again

Experts have covered the topic of SEO to death. Maybe that is why many people claim that SEO is ‘dead’ and the industry on the whole is in decline.
But the truth is that search engine optimization is flourishing. Now it’s even more alive than it used to be a decade ago: new tendencies have appeared, the sphere has grown and spread far beyond titles and keywords.The problem is that many people fail to use SEO successfully which makes them think it does not work anymore.

In this post I will point out some common mistakes many folks make when it comes to implementing and understanding SEO correctly.

Jumping from one SEO trend to another

SEO trends can change a few times a year but it doesn’t mean it’s necessary to follow each of them. Before taking up a trend you should consider its long-term benefits. For example, placing links in widgets and themes designed by you could provide rankingsboost some time ago, but now these link types are considered spammy by Google, so following this trend may harm your site.
But on the other hand, there are trends like mobile friendliness which are beneficial in general.

A simple rule is the following: trends come and go while your site should always be a trustful natural resource for people, so think carefully before jumping between SEO tendencies.

Not listening to what Google says

No matter whether you accept it or not, Google dictates SEOs what they should do. After all, we all pursue high rankings in Google SERPs and so we should carefully listen to what Google representativessay. For example, according to John Mueller, 302 redirects do pass PageRank. Interesting, isn’t it?

So keeping a finger on the pulse will help you to stand head and shoulders above the competition.

Being too focused with SEO texts

Many non-SEOs claim that it’s enough to write unique content on a page and it will rank high. While it may happen sometimes, it’s not like things work in the SEO world all the time.

There are many articles claiming that content is king. Do you know why? Because it’s really true: a page has a high ranking potential if it contains high-quality unique content built around the target keywords. Thanks to Hummingbird, pages like “download X book for free here without registration” have almost gone from the top. Today you can use synonyms, add adjectives, etc. to the keywords and write for people but not for search engines.

Before adding a new page you should always do a keyword research and then write meta tags as well as recommendations for content around the keywords you’ve collected. They don’t rule the content, they help to concentrate on topics and things users are interested in. At the end of the day, these are goal completions which are important, not just site traffic.

Final words

You should always manage your site with SEO in mind but not being obsessed with it at the same time. This is a kind of a balance which is hard to find and maintain, that’s why it’s easy to be bad at SEO, but it’s really hard to be successful in it in long-term perspective.


Kristina Azarenko is a marketing manager at SEO specialist at Amasty.

Moving on from your online business

Have you been building up a business, and now wish to move on to pastures new? Selling your business can be bittersweet, the chances are that you’ve put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into building the business up, but if you’re ready to get out, whether it’s to retire early, or start a new venture, or just to take a couple of years break, then you have to do what’s right.

How you go about selling your business will depend a lot on the type of business, and just how succesful it is.

For small start-up type businesses you can advertise on business forums, or even post a listing on the likes of eBay or local classified style websites, but if your business is raking in tens of thousands per month, then this is obviously not going to be the way to go.

That’s where online business brokers come into the equation, these are business sales specialists, and can;

-Maximise the amount of money you get for your business, they know the market and can value a business better than the business owner, or potential buyers.

-Get your website in front of the right audience – business brokers have a large base of potential customers, who are actively looking to buy, and have the money to do so.

-Weed out the dreamers and buyers who simply cannot afford to purchase your business – getting rid of time wasters will save you a lot of time and stress.

-Deal with the paperwork and legal side of things – some brokers will take care of everything for you, leaving you to either say yes or no to an offer, and then sign on the dotted line. This is much simpler than having to contact solicitors and have contracts drawn up, and can often work out cheaper than doing everything yourself.

When you’re choosing a broker to sell your business on your behalf, it’s important to select them carefully.

Check out reviews and past sales that the broker has handled, if the reviews are good, and your business isn’t worth significantly more than what the brokerage has handled in the past, then you are likely going to be fairly safe in selecting that particular broker.

Ensure the broker communicates well – do they seem enthusiastic and knowledgable when you contact them? Don’t be afraid to ask them questions about the process, if they can answer quickly without any hesitation then they are likely to know what they are doing, if however they can’t answer a question, be wary about how well they will be able to answer questions from prospective buyers.

All in all, using a brokerage is a great way to maximise your return when selling your business, with the added bonus of aleviating un-necessary stress.

Social media marketing: the key for small businesses to compete locally

In theory, it has never been easier to promote your small business than it is today. In practice, it’s rather more challenging than that. When everybody is doing it, it can be difficult to stand out. Good social media marketing can make all the difference, however, especially when it comes to building up your local customer base.

Different platforms

Many people go charging into social media marketing and try to promote themselves on every available platform. It’s easy to get overwhelmed like this, and if you’re posting the same things everywhere, people are unlikely to respond well. Each of these platforms has its own character, so get to know them before you start posting, and do some research to find out which are most important to your customers. Facebook has the widest overall reach, but if you’re trying to reach young people, you might be better off focusing on Instagram, while if you have a product with strong visual appeal, Pinterest might be a better choice.

Video content

For visually appealing products, video can be a great addition to pictures. It’s also a really good way to form a connection with people that feels personal, almost like speaking face to face. You can post videos about your business on sites such as YouTube and then embed them in other forms of social media. If you make them entertaining or useful, other people will then often share them further. Videos are ideal for showing local people what your premises look like, to help them identify you, and to encourage them to visit.

Find your niche online

Compared to the ‘scattergun’ approach of traditional channels such as television, using the internet, small local companies can zero in on their target markets and gain traction quickly at a fraction of the cost. Online customers are actively looking for services and if you make sure your company is visible, you can naturally build an audience.

As a case study, take the property market. This sector has been completely transformed over the last 10 years by the growth of the web, and apps in particular. House hunters are using the internet to browse properties, view floor plans, research neighbourhoods and compare local prices before they even meet with an estate agent. Nevertheless, buyers will always seek out the kind of local knowledge that only an experienced property expert can provide. Using social marketing to present your company as an expert in your field will help instill trust among potential customers. For example, the social and online profiles of Hamilton King, a specialist property management firm, are a mixture of practical property maintenance tips and information about new local developments.

Making a local impact

The social media revolution is frequently hailed as a global phenomenon, so why is it such a big deal at a local level? The answer is simple: where people used to look through the telephone directory, they now turn to the internet to find out about local businesses. They use review sites such as Yelp, they use local social forums, and they ask their friends on social media for recommendations. If you have an active presence there, you’ll be the first business in people’s minds, the first they see. If you’ve built up a good following, you’ll also be the most popular. No other form of promotion can do this much for you.

Social media marketing is much more than a gimmick – it’s the number-one way for you to reach the customers of today. Make sure you don’t miss out.

Marketing & The Internet – Why, and How?

As a company in today’s technical age, whether your business model involves internet based sales, or not, online marketing continues to be a resource that should not be ignored.

Advertising your company online provides you with access to some of the largest pools of potential customers which would otherwise be missed out on, even if you don’t intend to sell your product or service online, digital marketing can drive new custom to your office or store, or provide you new telephone or email based leads.

Online marketing a business that is big – VERY big, with firms like Calgary Internet Marketing around today, taking the first step into the digital world can be handed off to them and you can reap the rewards..

What is really involved in internet based marketing – what exactly do I need?

An online presence

Firstly you are going to need an internet presence, it can be a website, a social media profile, but it has to be online, then the marketing can begin.

We’d recommend that you’re as active as possible – if you’ve got a site, keep things fresh with your latest deals or products, if you’ve got a Facebook or Twitter profile, try to keep your followers/page members engaged and interested. If you let things slide, then peoples interest in your products and services will lessen, they’ll slowly forget about you – a fresh post here and there will keep you on their radar.

Whilst having a site online is the first step, and much better than having no website, a poor website will not provide much of a benefit – Search engines have many many ranking factors, and one of them is the usability, and quality of content on a website – having badly written content or a hard to use website will result in your ranking potential being lessened greatly, you’ll find it hard to get a decent rank, let alone the top spot on Google. Ensure your content is well written, on-topic and easy to ready, and you can then move onto other methods to improve your rankings.

The greatest method is through SEO – the main aim is to entice the search engines and get them see your website more useful than the next. You can find many variables included in Search Engine Optimization, the most straightforward and least expensive approach, is as previously mentioned – write clear, useful, easy to read content, keep the content fresh and up-to-date, and ensure your website works on all devices (Mobiles, Tablets, PCs and Laptops).

Keeping your website updated with content is an excellent way to show that you are actively maintaining your website, and in turn, show the search engines that you care and are working on improving your site – If you construct a website with very little content, and don’t do any form of updates, it looks like you have no interest in your site, so why would anyone want to visit? You are very unlikely to rank with a website that has a small amount of content and no updates, no matter what else you do.

Trying out SEO is fine, but be sure about what you’re doing – without the right knowledge website being deindexed (removed) from Google – if you are not 100% sure on what you’re doing, or the potential ramifications, then leave it to the professionals.

Paid Advertisements

Advertising campaigns can work wonders for websites, whether it’s an old website which has been running for some time, or a brand new website you’ve released today, you can start driving traffic straight away through paid ads.

There are multiple types of paid advertising, the most popular today are Pay Per Lead, Cost Per 1k impressions and Cost Per Click


This promotion format involves you paying for each click your advert gets- you will pay a fee for each of the clicks, usually from a pre-loaded amount of credit. The price of each click depends on how competetive the target keywords are.


The CPM marketing format allows you to pay a set fee for a set number of “impressions” an ad impression is defined as the advert being shown to a user on a website, CPM is generally per 1000 impressions, so you can purchase 10000 ad impressions which will show your advert 10 thousand times to users, the downside to this format is, you are not guaranteed any traffic whatsoever.

It is vital that you understand exactly what you’re paying for with CPM marketing, and be sure it satisfies your needs, or you may be spending for nothing.


Cost per lead – this is the marketing method most likely to convert to a sale, however it is also the most expensive format. Cost per lead marketing entails you purchasing leads from a lead supplier, they will give you the details of a potential customer who is actively looking to purchase the product or service you sell, all you need to do is convince them that your product/service is the right one for them.

So there you’ve got it, don’t miss out on a massive potential revenue stream, get into the online marketing game today!

Branding for Social Capital

There is a book that caught the crest of the wave when it comes to social marketing. It shows how any type of business can harness its power by increasing it’s “Whuffie”, i.e. the store of social resources that is the currency of the digital globe. Everyone understands about blog sites as well as social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Some business owners have alsoe heard about a competitor that has used their social marketing efforts to actually grow a substantial customer base for their business.

Everyone intends to be hands-on, grassroots, and also interactive, but exactly what does this mean? And even more to the point, exactly how do you do it?

The author Tara Hunt has developed a firm grasp on making use of the power of your on-line neighborhood and encourages and advises small and big firms. The San Francisco Chronicle, luminaries Jimmy Wales (founder of Wikipedia) and Tim Oreilly refer to her systems as a “digitally Utopian”) Her book, The Whuffie Factor will take you through the landscape of Web’s 2.0 and also demonstrate to you how to be a gamer – it is not simply one more book regarding internet marketing.

Business owners can tend to see the substantial business possibility of the online world and immediately think: “Let’s throw a bunch of cash at it”. To which Tara Quest says: “Quit! Cash isn’t the answer for building successful internet communities, it is whuffie social capital and how you can raise it goes to the heart of this book. In the Internet 2.0 globe, market resources moves from having high social resources. Without whuffie you lose your links and any sort of referrals you make will certainly be seen as spammy with resulting negative reactions and a loss of social capital. The Whuffie Element provides business people with a tactical map and also particular tactics for the constantly evolving, evasive, and, to some, weird globe of on-line neighborhoods. By connecting with your consumers through area communication, you’ll elevate your social resources, develop need, and also offer even more items of value.

Customer loyalty is a direct result of ‘Whuffie’. With great tales of online company successes and also cautionary tales of significant missteps, Ms Hunt reveals how social networking has even more influence over purchasing choices compared to other advertising and marketing avenues as well as just how your business can use the substantial world of Web 2.0 to create an unshakable structure for twenty-second-century-style online success.For those without millions or even thousands to spray around on their marketing, here is a fresh point of view for making use of social media networks to assist construct a company whether you are a start-up or top 500 giant. Those in large rich businesses should discover how to be effective and not squander their cash. For them along with the business owner ‘The Whuffie Factor’ is a mind-blowing overview of a globe they possibly do not understand all that well.

Tara exposes just how social networking has more impact over purchasing choices than any type of various other marketing device and also just how your company can touch into the vast world of Internet 2.0 to develop an unsinkable structure for twenty-second-century-style online success.

A Driveway to improve your home?

Is your driveway starting to look worse for wear? Is it not inkeeping with the area? Perhaps you don’t have a driveway at all but are looking to have part of your garden converted so that you can keep your vehicles off-road, no matter what the reason, it’s not a simple job to do by yourself, so you’re going to want to use a professional such as a birmingham driveway contractor.

Not only are contractors specialised in the type of work you’re looking for, they will know of any potential mistakes or pitfalls which should be avoided, and will be able to obtain any required permits to do the work, for example council authorisation to install a drop kerb which is basically a lower part of the pavement which means your car doesn’t need to bump up to get onto your driveway, it will be a gradual gradient from the road to your driveway.

Specialist driveway contractors are also able to get the best price for materials due to the fact they use them regularly and have likely negotiated large discounts. The most expensive part of the project is likely to be the materials and the equipment required in order to correctly lay a driveway, contractors will have all of the equipment to hand or will have arranged a deal with local hire companies to get the best possible pricing.

A driveway can increase the value of your home, especially in areas where parking can be a problem, such as busy suburban areas or country lanes where parking would otherwise obstruct the road. It’s hard to say whether the cost of the driveway will be returned when you sell, because pricing can vary so much – everything from the size of your driveway to the materials used, and even the time of year can have an effect on how much it costs – but what it will definitely do is make your home more appealing to potential buyers, hopefully securing you a quicker sale.

Replacing an aging driveway can seriously improve the look of your property and make your home look really special to people passing by – the outside of your house, your garden and your driveway is the first impression people will get, whether they just be passers-by or they be potential buyers when you put your home on the market. Whether you opt for block paving, tarmac, concrete or shingle, a newly laid driveway can improve the look amazing ways.

In short, there are many different ways that specialist driveway contractors can help you out when you’re having a new driveway installed, from the planning to the execution, they’ll make sure that your new drive is fit for purpose, and has the easy type of access that you would expect.

Grab trucks to clear your waste

If you are looking to hire a skip to dispose of waste from a construction site or a gardening or renovation project, you might need to get a permit from your local council, which can slow things down and delay your project (or leave you with an unsightly pile of rubbish outside whilst you wait). One option to get around this is to hire the services provided by a company such as ldngrabhire.co.uk who hire out “grab” trucks and drivers, and who will be able to drive up to your property and pick up all of your unwanted rubbish using the trucks mechanical arm, and drive away – all in the same day, with no permits or red tape involved.

There are many benefits to using a grab hire company, one being that all your non-valuable items are disposed of in an affordable and responsible manner. The grab lorry is capable of loading a large volume of waste in one go and the best thing is you won’t have to get a permit from the council. All that’s needed is quick phone call the grab hire company to book a collection slot, and they’ll turn up at the date and time you require with no hassle.

A grab truck is perhaps the most convenient and simplest method to get rid of your household and garden waste, and is an excellent alternative to conventional skip hire. Unlike a skip, a grab truck doesn’t need to sit outside your property all day blocking your driveway or the road outside your house as the truck lifts the rubbish from your chosen location and then leaves.
Most people are aware of the inconvenience a skip can cause, having it on their driveway meaning they need to park on the road, or blocking the road outside of their driveway, and in most cases, it can be more expensive, especially if you need multiple skiploads – a grab truck can carry 2 – 3 skiploads at a time.

Grab lorries are extremely cost effective and can remove the likes of concrete rubble, soil/muck, weeds/turf, branches from felled trees, and other general waste. Even waste behind fences or walls can easily be picked up by a grab truck by using it’s long, lifting arm – it’s grabber, if you will. There is no need for heavy or repetetive lifting as the truck does all of the work for you. In fact, an average grab truck loading time around 20 minutes, give or take and the grab company will collect any type of waste you might have, up to the capacity of the truck.

Grab truck hire will generally serve both commercial and residential companies, and will offer hourly rates, day rates, and even longer contracts for the likes of building sites – check out the companies available in your area and give them a call – they will be able to advise what service would suit you best, and can often be there the same day if you ring early in the morning!

Hammocks for relaxation

The art of getting into, and out of a hammock is the one thing that potential hammock owners fear the most.

To get into a hammock without falling on the floor and looking a bit silly, turn your back to the hammock and squat as if you are going to sit on the edge of it (but don’t put your weight on it – not yet!) reach back and grab the far edge of the hammock and pull it up above your head, then grab hold of the other edge with your other hand (the edge closest to you), then lift yourself up and into the hammock, shift your weight around once you’re on your back to find a good balance of weight distribution.

To get yourself out of a hammock without ending up wrapped up in it, or face down on the floor, swing your legs out over the edge, hold on to both edges and stand up, pushing your weight up and out.

So now you can get in and out of a hammock like a professional, but once you’re in, what do you do? The best way to find the most comfortable position is to slowly but surely move yourself into a position that suits – laying flat on your back is the best way to distribute your weight, so should also lessen the tension and support you properly – this is the recommended way, moving too close to one side can cause you to tip out, which should be avoided at all costs.

Some wider hammocks are made with laying across the center in mind – especially if you intend to go to sleep, rolling to the side won’t tip you out if you lay in this manner. Spreader bar hammocks which can essentially tip you out if you lean to one side can be tied down with hammock tie straps, this not only makes it more secure to lay in, it also makes it simpler to get in and out. Did you know you can even buy a kit which will rock you gently from side to side in your hammock? It works on a pulley system staked into the ground, which gently pulls and releases one side of your hammock.

What better way to relax after a hard day at work? Spend your summer evenings looking at the stars whilst lounging in a hammock – drink in hand. On holiday and seen a hammock free? Get in and out like an expert. Looking for an awesome alternative to a pull out bed in your office-cum-guest bedroom? Why not consider hammock!

With online suppliers ready and waiting to sell a range of hammocks, and deliver them straight to your door, you can start relaxing before it even arrives, by ordering online and not having to leave the comfort of your own home. Websites such as sleepyhammock.co.uk have a huge range of hammocks for adults, children and even babies, as well as a range of accessories and stands to suit all requirements. Break out from the norm and get a hammock today.

Laptop damage need not be permanent

Many people think a non-working laptop is only fit for the scrapheap, but that is far from true. With many shops opening providing laptop repair in Dublin, you can often get your laptop repaired for a fraction of the cost of a new one.

Unlike PCs, laptops are less user servicable, so using a professional service is always recommended. Whether you have a broken screen, a keyboard that doesn’t work (or only works some of the time) or even a faulty charger port, a laptop repair service should be able to sort you out within 24 hours – perhaps a little longer if parts need to be ordered in.

So, your laptop isn’t working and you’re unsure if it can be repaired – the easiest way to find out is quite simply to take it to a repair shop, they should be able to check it over while you wait and let you know if it’s repairable or not, if it can, they should also be able to provide a price.

However, if you don’t have time to go to a repair shop on the off-chance it can be fixed, there are some simple things you can look out for which are easily repairable;

Laptop not charging;

If your laptop doesn’t charge, but still works whilst plugged in, you most likely need a new battery, whilst this is something you can order and replace at home, it’s often hard to ensure you get the correct battery type for your laptop.

If you plug in your laptop and nothing happens, no power and no charging light, then this would point to either a charger fault, or a fault with the charger port (also known as DC Jack) itself.

There is no easy way for a normal user to test this, unless you have a spare charger, or an identical laptop to test the charger on – this would need professional diagnosis, both possible issues can often be easily repaired.
No picture on screen;

A screen that shows no picture, but isn’t physically damaged (no visible cracks) may just have become unplugged, or the screen inverter which lights the screen may need replaced.

If the screen has been cracked then you will need a full new screen, this isn’t as expensive as it sounds, and the repair shop should be able to give you a price there and then.

Keyboard not working;

If your keyboard has some keys which are no longer working, or are typing the wrong characters, it is likely you wil require a new keyboard – this is generally a low cost fix.

If your keyboard has stopped working completely, then it may be a case of having it plugged back in, this generally requires some disasembly of your laptop, so if you’re not confident then don’t try – you could make issues worse.

If the keyboard appears to be correctly plugged in but still isn’t working, then it is likely the keyboard will need replaced.
This isn’t an exhaustive list of repairable faults, everything from fault hard disks to bad memory modules can be replaced by a professional repair service, or on occasion, by a DIY repairer, so don’t despair if your faithful old laptop has gone on strike, it may not be fit for the bin just yet.

Criteria for choosing the best SEO Company

Without any doubt, the key to online success is SEO. Millions have turned to SEO to make their online businesses more profitable and its becoming hard to come across a successful business that hasn’t embraced this amazing marketing strategy. SEO will improve your online visibility to attract as many clients as possible. For your business to be successful, your presence must be felt online. In simple terms, an SEO company will make your website be in the top ten rankings of popular search engines. Not just any SEO company will be able to generate more revenue for your business by driving more traffic to your site. Your business is very important and it is your duty to ensure that you choose an SEO company that is dedicated to giving nothing but visible results within the shortest time possible. This article will guide you to choose an SEO company that will put a smile on your face by generating more revenue for your business.

How to choose an SEO company

Look for a proven track record

To avoid falling prey to the many online scams in the SEO industry, you must have a look at the track record of the company. Has it been providing excellent or poor results to its clients? This is one among the many questions you should be asking yourself before hiring any company. To ensure you avoid wasting your money on the fake SEO companies that will ruin your website, ask the SEO Company to prove that they have been increasing traffic and achieving good results for other clients. How long has the company been in the market? Does the SEO firm have the expertise required to turn around your business forever in this competitive market? Will the company be able to adjust as per your requirements? Find out everything you have to know about the company’s track record so that you ensure you hire the right company for the job.

Potential traffic

SEO campaigns are not all about getting the right rankings on search engines. The main reason most companies turn to SEO is generating web traffic to your website. When you choose the right SEO company expect to get many visitors to your website. Many companies are however not using the right practices and techniques to get the right rankings. This makes it even harder to choose an SEO company for those who don’t understand SEO. The results will only be encouraging at the beginning of the campaign. You should find out which methods the company is using to drive more traffic to your website.

Conversion rates

Now that your website receives the right amount of traffic, you have to be concerned about the conversion rates. Most people looking for SEO services may not be aware of the conversion rate. It is the percentage of visitors that turn into clients. Most people think that when the SEO Company achieves high traffic it also achieves higher conversion rate. This is not the case. The conversion rate is dependent on the quality of your services. If you are achieving high traffic and low conversion rates, look for a company that will immediately offer suggestions and recommendations that will help you get high conversion rates.

Customer service

This is another important criterion when choosing an SEO company. Does the company respond to your problems as soon as you notify them? Do they offer 24 hour service? Most SEO companies are very busy and ensure you choose a company that will respond to your needs within the shortest time possible. The SEO experts have to take care of all your needs and give you a progress report to prove that their SEO campaign is effective. Transparency is important to ensure that the company delivers the right results.


Is the SEO Company charging a fortune for its services? An SEO company that offers quality services doesn’t have to charge you more. There are many good SEO companies that offer quality services at affordable rates if you look online.
If you are looking for a good SEO company to make your business more profitable then follow the criterion above and you will not go wrong. SEO is among the most powerful online marketing strategies that will make your business do well again no matter the situation. Good luck!

Re-purposing old domain names

Virtually every day of the week sees hundreds, if not thousands of domains expire and are returned to the list of domains available for registration or placed into a domain name auction.
You could be wondering why an expired domain name would be of any interest to you – simply, expired domains have history – they have links built to them, they have been shared around, and are likely to get at least some web traffic if you re-register them and put them online. Using an expired domain rather than a brand new domain for your new business can sometimes mean you’ll cut out a lot of work trying to publicise the domain and get people to share it, and your new website could start receiving natural organic traffic from day one.

So what is an expired domain exactly? Well as the name suggests, it is a domain name which used to be registered, but isn’t any more. The reason for this could be down to the old owner giving up and not working on the site any more so letting the domain lapse, or it could simply be that they have forgotten, either way, it is now available for anyone to register.

So why would you want an expired domain rather than a brand new domain that nobody has used before?

– The previous owner of the domain name may have had SEO work done on the domain, this would generally mean that the domain name would have many other websites linking directly to it, Google and other search engines see this as something to take notice of, and may help you gain ranks easier.

– The domain name may still have advertising in place – it is quite possible that the previous owner paid for advertising, now, if it was only monthly advertising then it has likely expired, but if they paid for a year or more up front then there may still be some adverts pointing to that domain name, these adverts will still send traffic to your website, even if they aren’t relevant to what your website is for.

So, if an expired domain name is so useful why isn’t it still registered?

Well – chances are, if you wait too long, it will be!

You won’t be the only person who has noticed that the domain name has expired, there are many people who browse expired domain name websites every day and buy a large amount of domains for the purpose of either selling them on, or building them into profitable websites (usually to sell on in the end too!). These guys do this day in and day out and know a profitable domain name when they see one, so if you think you’d like to develop or use a domain name you’ve seen in an expired list, grab it before it’s too late – you’d be surprised just how quick the specialists can be!

Whatever your reasons, if the domain name appeals to you or has a use for your company or even if you are thinking about starting a new website on it, an expired domain name can be an excellent investment for anyone.

What Should You Negotiate With An SEO Service Provider?

The common perception is that the only option that is available when looking for an SEO service provider is to agree with a specific package. This is definitely not the case. In fact, because of the huge competition that appears on the market, prices can be negotiated. In fact, you can negotiate many different things with the SEO service provider. We will give you examples that can be taken into account with the main goal being for you to receive the best possible deal.

What Is Included In The Package

What many do not know is that the SEO companies will naturally include many services that are not necessarily needed for some clients. For instance, you can often see some content writing that is included. In the event that this is connected with creating new pages for ranking purposes, it can be ok. However, when that content is offered for your site and you do not really need it (like with blog posts), you can save cash on the package by simply removing that from the contract.

Take a look at all the services that are offered by the SEO provider. When you notice that there is something that is not needed, start a conversation. When there is no valuable reason why that service is necessary (like with article directory submissions), eliminate it.

Long Term Price Discounts

In some situations you can be able to negotiate a much better price tag in the event that you sign a contract for a longer period of time. However, in this case you want to be sure that the SEO agency is experienced and can deliver the results that you are looking for.

This type of negotiation is recommended in the event that you have already been working with the company for a longer time, normally around 1 year. If this is the case, you can be sure that you would receive great services and you can go for really long contracts that would cover all your sites.

Reports Offered

This is not related to how much you are about to pay. This is something that is necessary in order to be sure that the SEO service offered will actually get the work done for you. You are interested in getting results when you have someone perform search engine optimization work for your online properties. This is quite obvious but few clients actually talk about this.

What is ideal is to receive weekly ranking reports. These are valuable as you can see exactly what work is done and at the same time you manage to be 100% sure that rankings actually increase. In many situations the agencies offer monthly reports. This is not perfect since the work that is done every single day counts a lot. SEO is all about consistency.

Negotiating reports is basically something that is similar to all that is offered. Make sure that you discuss the services offered for you so that you can easily receive something that is of a really high quality.




Car Fault? Have a warranty?

When you purchase a new car from your local car dealer, you know for sure you’re going to have a car warranty supplied as standard, this means that if anything goes wrong with the car in the first few years of ownership, it will be repaired – failed parts will be replaced like for like with manufacturer approved parts, meaning you’re put in the exact same position you were before the fault occured. But did you know, you can also get a warranty for a used car, and if you did, did you also know that used car warranties are often nowhere near as extensive as those which are provided with a new car?

New car warranties often cover the majority of parts on a vehicle, whereas a used car warranty will not – and whilst it often covers most of the expensive components which may fail, they often do not cover things such as clutches and flywheels, which can be a large expense if they fail. Used car warranties also allow for the use of pattern parts (cheaper parts made by a third party company, rather than manufacturer created and approved parts). Making sure you know what is covered and what is not before you purchase is a good idea, so that you are not left high and dry in the event of an issue.

Whilst a lot of exclusions can be part of the deal with a used car warranty, we are of the opinion that a warranty that covers some parts of your car is likely to be better than having no warranty at all. As your car gets older, it is more likely something will break, and if that is covered fully, or even in part by warranty, then you’re not going to be landed with a huge bill that you can’t afford, or would need to borrow to pay. Being without your car can cause serious issues if you need to commute to work, or have to travel for other reasons, so looking after your mode of transport is well worth the investment.

Our main tip when purchasing a used car warranty is to carefully read the full document, small print and all – too many people will blindly sign their life away due to trusting the company they are dealing with, and whilst not all companies are out to get you, there are some out there who would take your soul in payment if possible. If you’ve familiarised yourself with the document then you’ll be aware of what is and what is not covered, so you can have cash on hand if something fails which isn’t covered by your warranty, and will know that the fix will be free if it is.

The used car market is a real minefield in terms of quality, or lack thereof, but a warranty can help you out if the worst should happen.

Important Advantages Of Buying IPhone Insurance

IPhone insurance is a service that has been around for quite a long time now but it still does not enjoy the popularity that it should. We need to understand the fact that we are faced with a service that is highly beneficial for the iPhone user. We will try to highlight the main advantages associated with it in order to figure out why you actually need this.

You Protect Yourself From Extra Expenses

Whenever a problem appears with an iPhone, most people just think about repair costs. This is not the only bad thing that can happen. For instance, you can have your iPhone stolen. In this case you would end up having to buy a brand new device. Besides this, the person that took your phone might be able to make phone calls. This means that your bill will be a lot higher and you would be forced to pay it.

Most of the iPhone insurance plans include coverage from the unauthorized extras that happen when the smartphone is stolen and will return the money to you if phone calls were made by the thief. This is a huge advantage that you want to always remember.

Extra Coverage Besides The Warranty

People feel safe when they have warranty for their gadgets. This is quite normal. In theory, when a device is damaged, Apple will help and will repair it. Such a fact is true in most of the situations in which an iPhone is damaged. However, this is not always the case. In the event that it is your fault that the smartphone is damaged, the warranty will not cover the repairs.

IPhone insurance is going to help you to deal with the problems that appear and that are not covered by the warranty offered by Apple. The best possible example is when you drop the phone in the bath tub. In this case the only real option available is the insurance or you will have to pay for everything.

Affordable Payment Rates

We noticed the fact that in most situations people believe that iPhone insurance is way too expensive. This is not actually the case. We are faced with this belief because there are many cases in which gadget owners will look for such insurance in the offices of the local providers. The rates in this case are normally higher than the opportunities that are available in other locations.

When you take a look at the internet, you will notice many insurance providers that are actually specialized in offering iPhone coverage. They will give you access to payment rates that are much more affordable than the insurance providers that offer general electronics insurance. Remember this if you want to save money.


On the whole, it is really easy to see why iPhone insurance is highly profitable for smartphone users. You want to be careful and you need to find the provider that is the greatest at the end of the day, based on where you live and the exact model that you coverage.


Why Keep Your Content Fresh

The content on your website is the single most important factor that stands between success and failure. A person visiting your website wants clear, concise information on the subject they wish to ready about, and so too does a search engine. Search engines try to be intelligent and work like a real visitor to your site, so you should always try to write your content for your visitors, not search engines – of course, the odd keyword drop here and there is fine, as long as it doesn’t take away from the quality of your article, or indeed make the article read like spam.

Google loves fresh content – the old saying “Content Is King” has always been true in the world of SEO Companies and rankings, and that isn’t about to change any time soon.

The more fresh content you put on your website (fresh, authorative and accurate content) the more often Google will re-crawl your site, index your new pages, and consider re-ranking your website.

Being re-crawled is only one way fresh content can improve your rankings. A good quality, well written article is likely to be shared, commented on, and more importantly for ranking purposes, linked to by other people.

The more relevant, quality inbound links your have, the better chance it has of climbing the rankings.

Adding content to your website should never be done as a “just because” exercise, you should only add content which adds something to your website, be it a guide, an article, or even an image which is relevant to your sector. Also remember, the more content and large authorative articles you have on your website, the more you can implement keywords – a high keyword ratio is bad, but if you have plenty of content then your ratio should remain low.

The more content you publish on any given subject increases your chance to be seen as an authority on the subject, gaining authority gains trust, and gaining trust can gain rankings, so write those excellent high quality information packed articles and aim to be the main authority for your subject.

Keeping content fresh, as you can see, is great for search engines, but it also engages your visitors and keeps them coming back – we all have websites to gain visitors, but return visitors are valuable too, so don’t turn your back on those who have visited in the past, refresh your content and keep them coming back.

What are your favourite subjects to write about? Do you have any tips or tricks to keep your content fresh? Let us know in the comments below.


Do The Position Of Outbound Links Matter?

When building a link to your website or article, such as through a guest blog post, or press release, or if a website is reviewing your product and linking back to your website, did you know that the position of the link on the page can actually have an effect on how the link is seen by search engines?

Gone are the days of simply filling a website’s footer with links to pass link juice through, Search engines now work intelligently and try to read the page like, and act like an actual human visitor.

As a visitor to a website, ask yourself how likely you are to click a link in each possible position;

The header

If you’ve just loaded up a website, and there is a link in the header, it is one of the first things you will see, so that’s good, right? Well not always – Chances are, you loaded the website to read an article or find some information, so immediately leaving the website via a link in the header won’t be high on your list of priorities – search engines try to use this reasoning too, and therefore may see a header link as less “quality” than some others.

Ok so the header isn’t the best place, what about the footer? You’ve visited the website and read the article to the end, often the footer doesn’t show up on the page unless you scroll further, due to sidebar content or related posts information or similar, are you likely to read the information you were looking for, and then carry on scrolling to look at the footer of a website, and click a link you find? We’d tend to say no, and we feel that search engines agree when applying weight to a links quality.

So the header isn’t great, the footer is arguably the worst of all, what about the sidebar? The sidebar is marginally better than the other 2, it’s generally in the same fold as the main content which is being read, and may be something you click on once you’ve found out the infortmation you were looking for.

Finally, the best place, in our opinion, and perhaps the opinion of most search engines is within the main content itself – that said, the link should be relevant to the content, and the content should be well written and authoritive on the subject it is addressing, there is no point in having a website giving information to motor mechanics with a link to a website talking about flower arranging.

So if you’re writing an article for your website and wish to link to someone elses website, or you’re writing a press release to be released on another website, by far the best place for your link is within a clear, well written, accurate article.

Have you had success with links in other places on a website? Let us know what you find is best in the comments below.


Dominating A Niche Market

We hear the term “niche market” and “dominating your niche” regularly, but what exactly does this entail, and is it even possible?

We spoke to one of the marketing team from Swegway Ireland, David who has recently began marketing a new website in the smart scooters niche, and what he told us was surprising.

“We have a strong background in consumer electronics, and are lucky enough to have a strong relationship with a team who runs one of Ireland’s top digital marketing agencies, so when we identified this as a strong product, we jumped straight into some market and viability research” said David from Swegway Ireland.

So the guys identified a potential market through research, but we wanted to know more, such as how they know a product is worth marketing, and how they knew it was a viable niche to enter.

David was happy to oblige “Basically, when picking a new product, part of it is gut feeling – we felt it would be a big product this Christmas, and potentially over the coming year too. We began with our gut instinct, but in order to put time and money into bringing this to market, we had to back this up with statistics and tangible proof.”

David went on to say “We begin by doing research into the current competition, we check into search volumes for keywords and phrases we think will perform best, and then search for these phrases and check out the competition. We quickly realised that whilst the keywords we chose were getting a high volume of searches, the actual competition for these keywords was low, and this gave us the confidence to proceed.”

So we’ve learned that choosing a niche to enter is mostly research based, but also down to gut instinct – we believe that if you’re passionate about a niche, and the research adds up, then you’ll have better success than entering a niche that does not interest you, or a niche which you’re interested in but has poor search volume or exceptionally high competition.

Once you’ve identified a niche that will work for you, what’s next? We asked David what the next steps were in bringing Swegway Ireland to the market.

“Once we realised how good this niche was, we were excited – I mean actual excitement, it’s not often you find a niche which isn’t overcrowded with competition, and has a huge target market, who are already actively looking for the product, but then we began to worry, if nobody else is doing it, are we missing something? As this is a physical product we wished to sell, rather than a digital item, or affiliate scheme, we instantly thought price may be a barrier, luckily for us we have a good relationship with many manufacturers due to our history in consumer electronics, so we instantly got on the phone to our main supplier and they gave us the information we needed – price was good, niche was great, time to move forward”

David really gave us something to think about here – no matter how good the niche appears to be, you may get caught up in the excitement, in this case, price could have been a limiting factor, luckily it wasn’t, so what’s next?

David continued, “Now that we know the niche is viable and the price is right, we began to build our website, we have guys in-house who do this for us, but depending on how complex (or not) your product is, you can easily do this yourself using something like WordPress, or pay someone to do it for you – it needn’t break the bank. We quickly got our website online and populated the products, then moved onto social media – we got our Facebook and Twitter accounts up and running in unison with our new website, then we let our SEO guys loose. Local SEO was important to us, we wanted to sell Swegways in Ireland (at least primarily – we’ll ship worldwide!) so we focused on Ireland as our key market. Both on-page and off-site SEO are needed to be successful, so we employed both methods, and the results were pretty astounding. Within a few days we began to rank pretty well for our main key words, and our social media following began to increase.”

So a good website, good search engine optimisation, and a social media presence are all important – as well as identifying and targeting your specific market. We had a look at the website and Facebook account of Swegway Ireland and we were pretty impressed – the brand itself looks great, we were amazed this had been achieved in such a short turnaround time.

We know it looks great, and from doing a few cursory searches in Google, we also know it’s ranking pretty good – but is it working? We asked David if he felt the project had been a success thus far.

“Yes. I feel it has.” Said David. “Within a week of launching, we have a good interaction over social media, we’re getting the visitors, and more importantly, we’re getting sales. Actually, the demand has taken us all by surprise, we were fairly sure we’d have some interest within the first couple of weeks, but we’ve actually got orders coming in regularly, and we’re working hard to keep up with demand! We’re guaranteeing delivery before Christmas so get your Swegway today!” he continued.

So as you can see, it is certainly possible to enter a niche fairly quickly, and be succesful – dominate it? We’re not sure dominate is the right word, but perhaps Swegway will prove us wrong in the coming weeks and months, they certainly seem to be well on the way to domination!

We’d like to thank SwegwayIreland, and in particular David from swegwayireland.ie for his time (and the cheeky plug at the end of the interview!) and wish them all the success with their new venture.

What niches have you identified lately, do you have any success stories, or have you fallen at a hurdle and would like to share? Let us know in the comments so we can give our thoughts! Next time we’ll be speaking to the Managing Director of Ireland’s fastest growing paving company on how they scaled tremendously from startup mode to nationwide in under a year.


Panda 4.2 Still Not Fully Released

Gary Illyes of Google has stated that the 4.2 revision of Panda, one of Google’s search ranking algorithms which was initially launched back in July, is still in the process of being
rolled out, this isn’t shocking news, as Google have always said it would be an ongoing thing, taking several months at least.

So it’s still rolling out, but what exactly is the Panda update, and how are these changes likely to affect us?

Firstly, unlike previous Panda updates which were rolled out in a matter of hours, or days at most, the latest update is going to be an ongoing, rolling update which means the changes may
never truely be complete – it will be a never ending learning cycle.

The latest Google Panda update will have different effects on a page by page basis, rather than a site-wide change to search rankings. This means some pages on your website may jump up in
rankings whilst others may lose positions, whether or not pages will do a dance and then settle, or jump straight to their new positions is yet to be seen.

As with all changes to Googles search algorithms, this is one to watch, those of you who suffered penalties in the past from previous Panda updates have had time to make changes and redeem
yourself, so 4.2 may work in your favour, likewise, people who have been unaffected by past updates may be shocked this time around.

Have you seen the current changes have a good or bad effect on your website’s rankings? Will this change your current search engine optimisation methods? Let us know in the comments so we can compare notes!


Digital Marketing to promote your business?

Digital Marketing is certainly important in this day and age, but how exactly can it help a business.

Digital Marketing can help any business, and the importance of marketing online as a whole is becoming more and more prevelant.

We’ve been taking a look at how local businesses use digital marketing to promote their products and website, and in the process, we stumbled across DroidStar Electronics.

First up in our investigations was to look at their website over at droidstar.com – the site itself had all of the ingredients of a good online store, with call to actions, and clear concise information available straight from the homepage.

We then browsed through the website and felt that the order process was very simple, we could go from initial visit to checking out in no more than a few clicks. Great, we thought, they have a nice looking, user friendly website. But that’s not what interested us, everything we could see suggested that DroidStar have established themselves as the number one place to buy an Android TV box in Ireland, so it was time to dig deeper – anyone can put a website online, but a website alone does not make a successful business.

Back to browsing we went and what we found was some very active social media accounts under the DroidStar and indeed their Android TV Box brand “Starbox”. We know that social media accounts are a fantastic way to interact with current and prospective clients, and it looks like DroidStar has got this one right.

Googling the company name brings up the information of their website, aswell as their shop address and opening times, so customers can find out all of the information they need straight away – remember, the less action a client has to take to find your product, and purchase it, the better – so this is certainly a great step from the guys who handle the marketing side of things.

So let’s recap on what we observed – an easy to use, modern website with no barriers getting in the way of purchase. An excellent social media presence, allowing interaction with customers, old and new. Great local information to ensure customers can find the bricks and mortar store – many people do their research online before going out to purchase in-store, so Droidstar have all events covered.

We also observed some excellent search engine optimisation, but that is beyond the scope of this article.

Have you observed a particularly well marketed online business or website? Leave us a comment and we’ll take a look, we may even feature it in a future article!