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The power of human innovation is one of the greatest strengths that the people of Ireland have at their disposal. Brilliant minds, both upcoming and established in their fields, need to be encouraged, uplifted and supported in their endeavors to improve the human condition. This is what the Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences does. We connect people and ideas to the communities that need them the most today, while simultaneously striving forward for a better tomorrow.

It is our duty and our privilege to provide opportunities for tomorrow’s and today’s leaders to thrive in their expertise. It is when we pull together and combine resources with ingenuity that humanity will take its next great step forward.

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The social sciences cover a broad array of disciplines, all of which focus on the human experience, society, and the way that we shape our world. Social scientists research different areas of human life, including the past and present status of our species, in hopes of achieving a greater understanding of the trajectory of our collective future.

Because of the sheer magnitude of this field of study, the social sciences are often poorly understood. Most of us are unaware of the fact that social scientists influence our perceived experiences, improve the quality of our lives, and help us to understand where humanity is been prior to the modern era. Just how immense is the study of human beings? Continue reading for a brief run-down of the numerous specialized areas of this important field.


Archaeologists gather information about humanity’s past by examining the clues left behind by the people of bygone eras. Excavation work and analysis are two of the most commonly-known and appreciated practices conducted within the field of archaeology.


Demography is the study of populations and the trends within those populations, including birth and death rates and the spread of disease. Researchers in this field of study will collect relevant data and compile their findings for other individuals and institutions to learn from.

Human Geography

This arm of the study of geography covers communities and cultures, particularly the way that they impact the world at large. One example of this is how different peoples in different areas impact the natural environment.

Environmental Study

Researchers who have familiarized themselves with humans’ relationships with the planet can – and do – assist in the creation of plans to better preserve the environment that’s being impacted.

Economic Management

This field of study concerns the way that goods and services are produced and exchanged within a population. Business studies, as a part of the ‘economic studies’ umbrella, closer analyzes the way that businesses conduct their work. Strategic management, employee relations, accounting and other areas of a business’ functionality fall under the purview of economic management.


Linguistics, or the study of language, has less to do with learning any particular language and more to do with understanding how the language itself “works.” This includes the evolution of language.

Political Science

Politics have always played a hefty role in how societies conduct and govern themselves, meaning that political science researchers have humanity’s past and present to analyze within this context.


This study involves the assessment of society, at an individual and more broadened level. Class, religion and social structures are commonly studied by sociologists, who often put the information that they obtain to use for social welfare.

The humanities cross through every aspect of human existence, from religion and philosophy to other areas of culture, including language. In many ways, humanities research is a study of the human condition itself, the historical, societal and cultural impact of our existence on the planet throughout time. Due to the immense breadth of which the topic “the humanities” covers, it is easily one of the most poorly understood areas of sociological research. Humanities research is also often referred to as “liberal arts,” “the arts,” and “social sciences.”

The ambition behind scholars in the humanities is to map out where the human species has been so that we may see where our future will take us. In many ways, this broad area of study relies on both a critical and creative mind. With the information that humanities researchers gather, they are able to construct an image regarding what life was once like. It is because of these individuals and collective efforts that we have any kind of in-depth understanding of what our world used to look and sound like.

What Areas Are Researched by Humanities Experts?

If it pertains to the human experience, it falls under the purview of the humanities. While the exact definition of “the humanities” might vary slightly from one person to the next, this area of study is generally referred to as the study of the human mind’s expressions. This includes, but also extends far beyond:

  • Religion
  • Language
  • Music
  • Art
  • Theater
  • Philosophy
  • Literature

This means that there are many specialized areas of study in which students can pursue a career path, should their interests coincide with the humanities. These individuals and their collective efforts inform humanity of how we have shaped the world that we live in, as well as how it shapes us and our perceived experiences. These experts have drafted our perception of humanity’s past, but it could also rightfully be said that their studious ambitions are gradually crafting the blueprint of our future.

There are many definitions as to what “the humanities” covers, but we can all agree that this research is essential to our greater understanding of human life. How are we to know where we’ve been if we do not look back with a studious eye toward the past? And, perhaps more importantly, how can we plot a trajectory of our specie’s future if we don’t possess a firm understanding of where we’ve already been?

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